The Liemeta AG is one of the largest, family owned precious metals trading houses for gold, silver, platinum, palladium for banks, insurance companies, intermediaries, law firms, institutional and individual clients in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Independence, because we are a private company operating outside the banking sector, therefore we are not under the AEOI and banking compliance regulations. Customer scan store the purchased precious metals in specially rented safety deposit boxes or vaults and insure them. In addition to, or as an alternative, customers can also store the acquired precious metals individually (also insured) at Liemeta AG (domestic storage, bonded warehouse). The customers have the possibility to trade the precious metals at any time, as well as completely change the storage locations (Frankfurt, Zurich, Liechtenstein, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, etc.)

Advantages of Liemeta AG in Liechtenstein

  • Political and economic stability (high degree of industrialization, no government debt)
  • Geographical location of the Principality of Liechtenstein in the middle of euorpe
  • EEA member in customs union with Switzerland
  • No emergeny laws (unique in Europe)
  • Outside the banking system


  • Precious metals trading with  online platform (CHF / EUR / USD) and worldwide shipping
  • Purchasing and selling of bullion and bars in gold, silver, platinum and palladium
  • Accounts for financial advisors, fiduciaries and brokers
  • Trading in various currencies such as Swiss Franc, Euro, US Dollar and more
  • Precious metals wholesale trading with banks, funds and financial intermediates
  • Numismatic
  • Future and hedging possibilities for clients
  • Lending options by external partners
  • Outside the banking system (no compliance, no AEOI)
  • certified precious metals trading company

Vault Rental

Our warehouse facilities, which are specifically tailored to meet the needs of our clients, including different sizes of safety deposit boxes and vaults. Everything can be stored at LIEMETA AG, precious metals, art works, documents or other personal valuables. A high-tech security system, designed and installed by Swiss experts, guarantees the highest safety standards throughout the building. Each individual vault and every single safe can only be opened exclusively by the client with their personal code.

  • Allocated storage in our own customs and domestic warehouses, inclusive anonymous insurance cover
  • Ultimative security and highest privacy
  • Independent company
  • enterprise outside the banking system
  • Opening hours individually adjustable
  • Handling of world-wide transport logistics
  • GRASP certified art storage
  • Tailored insurance solutions for valuables like diamonds, art, oldtimers
  • Payment of rental costs also possible in precious metals

Allocated Storage

In our unique high-security building we offer unequalled storage facilities exclusively on an individual deposit basis in our bonded and domestic warehouse.

In the allocated storage, the precious metals are stored completely separate from other clients assets in individually designated storage areas. Clients inventory lists, include the bar numbers, manufactures or seal numbers of the sealed safety deposit boxes. This way it guaranteed that the clients always keep the originally stored metals in their possession.

In the bonded warehouse you can store precious metals and other high-value assets, such as diamonds, VAT-free and under high-security conditions. Swiss VAT, currently 8%, only becomes chargeable when your items are physically collected from the warehouse.

  • Outside the banking system (no compliance, no AEOI)
  • No counterparty risk
  • Worldwide storage offers and logistic solutions in Liechtenstein, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Panama, London and other venues
  • Comprehensive insurance cover, including embezzlement (All-Risk)
  • Own bonded warehouse
  • Individual deposits stored exclusively in Grade 10 vaults
  • 100% discretion, 24 h / 7 accessible
  • Absolut data security (servers located in Liechtenstein)
  • Purchase and sale of precious metals at the very same location
  • Payment of rental costs also possible in precious metals


Find out about our international advantages of LIEMETA AG through close connections to precious metals trading companies with own banking connections and storage facilities in Hong Kong and Dubai.

We take care of precious metals transports and customes at various destinations.